Museo del Novecento (Museum)

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This great collection of Nineteenth century art is preserved inside the Palazzo dell’Arengario (Arengario Palace) in Piazza Duomo, since 2010. There are more than 400 works from the various and diverse styles that followed each other during the XX century.

The Fourth State by Pellizza da Volpedo opens the tour, bridging the gap between XIX and XX centuries. Inside there are many works by great contemporary European artists such as Picasso, Matisse and Kandiskij. A wide section is dedicated to the Futurism, with paintings from Boccioni, Balla and Carrà. It continues with Giorgio Morandi, De Chirico, Arturo Martini, then the Abstractism of Rho and Radice, Lucio Fontana, all the way to the Post-avant-garde through Conceptual Art and Poor Art.