Gift Card

Do you need a special gift for someone? Do you need an original idea for the birthday present of friends, relatives or colleagues? Are you looking for a surprise for the next vacation?

GibArt has you covered: with our Gift Card you can give anyone you want moments of enjoyable entertainment in the world of art and culture!
Our Gift Card is a prepaid card that you can give to whoever you want, they’ll be able to choose and participate to our tours as long as there’s enough money left in the card.
Whoever is given a GibArt – Gift Card can choose any of our guided tours, or even ask for a personalized one!
The card is not personal so it can be used by a single person or by a group or family, as long as there’s enough money on the card and it is not expired.
To make a reservation for a tour is very simple, just write an e-mail to or call +39 392 4867306 and ask for the tour you want to take part in, then tell us the code of your card, we’ll ask for it again at the start of the tour, so don’t lose it!
Getting a Gift Card di GibArt is really simple.
Just send and e-mail to or call us and tell us your chosen amount:

  • 20€
  • 40€
  • 60€
  • 80€
  • 100€
  • 150€

Then we’ll communicate you the coordinates for the payment, that will be completed through a bank transfer.
After the payment just tell us if you want to receive the PDF of the card, print it and deliver it personally or you prefer if we take care of those things.
Keep in mind that every card will have its own code, its own prepaid amount and it will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Do you want a custom Gift Card for friends, colleagues or relatives?
Send your idea to or call +39 392 4867306
We’ll work together to create the Gift Card right for you!

Fidelity Card

GibArt let you explore and discover monuments, exhibitions, artistic, historical and thematic tours inside Milan and around.

If our tours, customizable to your needs and requests, are becoming a hobby for you, we created something special: the GibArt – Fidelity Card!
Take part to 5 tours and we will give you the 6th!
Collecting points couldn’t be easier:

  • During your first tour you’ll receive your very own GibArt – Fidelity Card.
  • Don’t forget it! For every tour you’ll gain one point.
  • When you reach 5 points you can choose any tour: yoour 6th guided tour will be free!