GibArt means discovery,
discovery of the beauty,
beauty that amazes,
amazement that arouses passion;
fascination and sharing.

Our goal and objective is to surprise beauty in Art, in the work of man and nature, looking at it with a curious and questioning gaze, to discover that beauty is something near and needed.

Our main objective is to accompany you in your journey to discover and taste beauty in Art, History and Nature. We offer our experience in cultural and natural tourism, through qualified guides and staff, to schools, groups, companies and families.

You will be accompanied through the fascinating process of discovering places, artistic and natural legacies, both visible and hidden. We’ll guide you from the ancient times to the contemporary artistic expressions and let you fully enjoy the value of Art.

Cartier Bresson, the famous photgrapher once said:
“We need to look, and looking is so hard. We are used to think. We think all the time, more or less happily, but no one teaches us to look”
GibArt accept this hard task and strives to let you look and meet beauty.

Anna Gibellato

Tourist guide

Art is my passion: museums, exhibitions, sculptures and archaeological sites scattered along the beautiful Italian peninsula have the power to attract me every time. Historic events and masterpieces of our artistic heritage have caught my interest from a very young age. My curiosity forever excited to look, observe and contemplate Art.

So many questions, so many exciting questions… my path was clearer and clearer…

After my bachelor’s degree in Sciences of Cultural Heritage at the Universita’ Cattolica of Milan I qualified as a tour guide, in Italian and English.
Placing the enthusiasm for my studies side by side with a work experience made me understand how right it is for me to help children and adults, single persons or groups, to meet and understand Art.

I attended advanced classes and courses and attained my Master Degree in Archaeology and History of the Arts at the Universita’ Cattolica of Milan.
Thanks to my experience with associations, companies and schools I continue to create new and exciting tours, to let the notorious and the hidden art of Milan, Monza, and all of Lombardy, be known and understood.

…the fascinating path to know Beauty continues!

Enzo Gibellato

Tourist guide

My mother was the one who introduced me to art.
“Varda che beo!”, “Look how beautiful!” she used to say.
She always invited me to contemplate with high spirits and awe.

While growing up and studying my passion for what is beautiful grew as well. Beauty, its history, its hidden meanings started to be the focus of my interests and studies.
My Degree in Literature at the Universita’ degli Studi di Milano, was for me the great chance to confirm and deepen my knowledge in humanistic subjects, with particular focus for Art and History.

My qualification for the teaching of History of the Arts and its actual teaching for more than twenty years were yet another chance to improve my knowledge and learn how to passionately and effectively communicate the various phenomena of artistic expression.

At the same time I started to lead and guide friends, colleagues and students to places of artistic value and beauty, who urged me to bring them “to see something beautiful”. So I ended up finding myself spending time and resources in the creation of artistic and historical tours and itineraries.

Excited by this new form of communication I qualified as a tour guide, in Italian and French, and since then I’ve accompanied single persons, groups, children, kids and adults to discover the notorious and hidden masterworks in Milan, in various cities of Lombardy and even outside the region.

Showing others art and teach them about it, makes me see works already seen many times with ever changing eyes, appreciating them every time as it was first.
Through the amazed looks and the curious questions of those I show around, I can feel how the path for knowledge is infinite and how infinite is the path of beauty.