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Walking around Milan and be charmed by some shop window of a pastry shop or a delicatessen, by an inviting smell, or a sudden wish to taste something, it’s a common experience for everybody, and it’s what makes a stroll down the street so special.

There are places around the city that for history, artistic beauty, industriousness and the research of excellence in taste, make Milan an important capital of flavours.

The proposed tour is quite unusual, exciting and tasty.

Starting from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, we’ll move through the web of medieval streets of Milan, such as Via Cappellari, Via Rastrelli, Via Speronari, Via Spadari and Via Armorari, to visit and discover places both beautiful and singular, that offer tales of men, businesses, and good taste.


  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Bar Camparino and Luini: supreme temples of taste, between mosaics of the Art Nouveau and crowded sidewalks, with a fact-finding look and the renovated beauty of the Galleria.
  • Via Speronari and Panetteria Princi: this little street hides a treasure of shops of delicacies. Particularly Panetteria Princi, but we should not forget Panarello and Vergnano, pastry and coffee.
  • Via Spadari and Peck the cathedral of taste, outside and inside, where we can admire the kitchens. The greatest international flavours brought together by a delicatessen seller from Prague, nestled among the incredibly beautiful balconies of Mazzucotelli.
  • Via Meravigli and Pasticceria Marchesi: an almost unique corner of nineteenth-century Milan, with its delicacies and antique furniture. We’ll visit both the outside and the inside, with focus on the great oven on the second floor.