Certosa di Pavia (Church)

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It took two hundred years to complete this church, started by Duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti of Milan, for this reason the Certosa shows signs of different styles, from late Gothic to Renaissance.

The front is what instantly catches the eye, a masterpiece of Lombard sculpture, almost an open air museum. A rich and priceless heritage decorates the naves. Many works by Borgnognone, Perugino, Nuvolone, Morazzone and many others enrich even more the numerous side chapels.

The transept and choir are accessible only if accompanied by a monk.
A narrow passage, after the entrance to the Library, connects to the main cloister. There is a wide and large square room here, with 24 little cells, that were the rooms for the monks, who spent most of their time alone. The first cell is accessible.