Milan of the Art Nouveau: The floral style in Porta Venezia

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During the first years of the XX century Milan undergoes a heated urban development.

A new class of entrepreaneurs, businessmen and traders makes its appeareance in the city, they start building rich houses and new districts, such as Corso di Porta Venezia, opting for the modern shapes of the Art Nouveau.
Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Sezession, Floreale and Liberty are all styles that have in common the goal of following nature as sole source of inspiration, offering a variety of shapes with mystic, symbolic and stylizing geometrical shapes.
This new language is associated with the use of modern materials, such as concrete, or more traditional ones, such as forged iron and ceramics, modeled after organic shapes and curved lines, with floral or natural decorations, all this research into new shapes and forms gives birth to exceptional results which make Milan the Capital of Italian Art Nouveau.


  • Porta Venezia e i suoi caselli: noble and fierce entrance
  • The houses of Via Melpighi: Casa Galimberti and Casa Guazzoni between chromatic lights and chiaroscuro
  • Hotel Diana Majestic: Belle Époque of Parisian flavour
  • Casa Berri-Meregalli: eclectic combination of shapes, materials and decorations
  • Palazzo Castiglioni: the majestic front made of concrete and log, the exuberant decoration of the Sala dei Pavoni and the monumental stairway

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