Brera Art Gallery for children and kids

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This tour is aimed at kids and children, they’ll be accompanied in their discovery of the main masterpieces preserved in Brera with a simple and understandable language.

The tour starts with the Middle Ages, to understand why the background is almost always golden and why the people in those paintings are not very similar to real ones.

Then we’ll observe the main works of the musueum, such as the Madonna of the Cherubim and the Dead Christ by Mantegna and the Piety by Giovanni Bellini. By observing them with the active help of the children we’ll start unraveling the fundamental features of the Renaissance.

Passing through the XVI and XVII centuries we’ll conclude the tour with the great mountains and wonderful animals of Segantini and Fattori, to end with the triumphal march of Pellizza da Volpedo and The Kiss by Hayez, as main protagonists of the XIX century in Italy.