Basilica di San Eustorgio e Cappella Portinari

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The extraordinary ensemble of the basilica of San Eustorgio and the Cappella Portinari (Portinari Chapel), with the annexed convent, office of the Diocesan Museum is located in Porta Ticinese.

The basilica takes its name from San Eustorgio, ninth bishop of Milan, believed to have brought to this site the relics of the Magi.

In 1462 Pigello Portinari, a notorious and succeful banker from Tuscany, funded the building of the Portinari Chapel. This small building is a jewel of the Renaissance, for both architecture and paintings. Its frescoes were painted by Vincenzo Foppa and completed in 1468.

The Arca Marmorea (marble ark) is an artefact of unparalleled beauty, it was dedicated do San Pietro (St. Peter) and moved to the chapel in 1737.

The visit can be completed with a tour of the basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore.