Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo in Agliate

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Along the trafficked route that passes through the hamlet of Agliate we find the basilica of Santi Pietro e Paolo.

Outside of the church we’ll visit the baptistery, a fine example of detached architecture, with nine sides and a pool in the middle, frescoes, painted between the XII and XIV centuries, decorate it. Among them are worth noting: the Pesca Miracolosa (Miraculous Fishing), the Madonna of Milk, the Apostles Andrea and Giacomo, and the Deposition.

On request the tour can be completed with:

  • A stroll in the park surrounding the apses of the basilica, with an amazing sight on the entire building.
  • A stroll inside the Valle Lambro Park, that features many educational and recreational activities to discover the local flora and fauna.
  • Video about Romanesque in Lombardy, inside the crypt.
  • A guided tour of the ancient farmer’s implements and tools.