The Duomo of Milan

Piazza Duomo is the very heart of Milan, and here rises the majestic monument symbol of the city. The cathedral invites anyone to look high in the sky, to follow its soaring grand spires, which mirror the soul of Milan, a city that could become a crossroad – Mediolanum – of people and cultures.

The inside of the cathedral is rich with the history and the marks of event that shaped Milan, with his soaring and wide naves, its colorful and bright windows.

Just as satisfying will be the descent into the archaeological sites underneath, where the remnants of the buildings that preceded the Duomo still stand: the Battistero di San Giovanni alle Fonti and the Basilica di Santa Tecla, both dated IV century.
To ascend then to the terraces of the Duomo is an unparalleled experience, with its sights of the city and of the sky. Discovering that every decoration is tightly anchored to reality will be surprising. The scupltures are all inspired by the natural world and the objects of daily life.

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