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Choose one of our proposals, or propose you very own week-end, school trips and tours to customize, of one or more days, of the main towns of Northern Italy.

Choose GibArt for a tour of the most fascinating and unique urban centers of Lombardy!

There's a rich and diverse natural landscape in the territories of Milan, Brianza, Comasco and Lecchese to dive in with the expert guides of GibArt!

GibArt will guide you through the extraordinary exhibitions that shine renovated light on illustrious masters and exciting themes.

Discover the city with its stratified art and history, catch its illutrious past, the charming present and its future shapes.

Majestic civic building, wonderful religious architectures and evocative works of art are symbol and synthesis of the city of Milan. Enjoy them with GibArt!

Enjoy the taste of art with the masterpieces that made italian and international artists famous, and with them the prestigious museums of the city.

Discover the rich and diverse offering of presentations to present at school, in the company, at associations, parishes and during special events and festivities.