Museums of the Sforza Castle

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No one can resist the charming call of the fortifications and towers of the Sforza Castle. Inside its walls there’s the biggest and complete collection of art and history of Milan that gives the castle its second name: the Citadel of Museums.

The collection is organized in big sections:

  • Museo d’Arte Antica (Museum of Ancient Art): here we can find the sepulchers of Bernabò Visconti, or General Gaston de Foix There’s also the Sala delle Asse, with a decoration by Leonardo da Vinci, also there’s the Rondanini Pietà , last masterpiece of Michelangelo.
  • Pinacoteca (Art Gallery):some works that cannot be missed are held here, such as: the San Benedetto by Antonello da Messina, the Trivulzio Madonna by Andrea Mantegna, and many portraits by Giovanni Bellini, Lorenzo Lotto, Tintoretto e Tiziano.
  • Raccolte d’Arte Applicata (Collection of “Applied Art”): t shows many items from the Middle Ages that had a utility purpose, such as furnishings, clothes, pottery, weapons and scientific instruments.
  • Museo degli Strumenti musicali (Museum of Musical Instruments): included in the tour there’s the Sala della Balla where the precious Arazzi Trivulzio (Trivulzio Tapestries) are preserved.
  • Musei Archeologici (Archeological Museums): with sections dedicated to the prehistoric period and Egyptian art.